Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1898 New York State Adjutant-General's Report

While NO WORD OF THEM contains a roster of battalion members, by company number and then soldier name, as stated in the book there are minor discrepancies with the 1898 NYS AG Report, which is alphabetized by soldier name only.

I have made an electronic download available of the portion of the New York State AG report relating to the 1st Battalion Sharpshooters available. Click on the paperback option at the left to see the listing of this item.

Alternatively, the AG report is available from the NYS archives as a pdf download. The archives software will find that report in a discrete search session which times out -- so I cannot give you a direct link. But here is the process to find it.

First - go to this URL http://nysl.nysed.gov/uhtbin/cgisirsi/HRAnB45W9j/NYSL/

Then I press the button for "Search Digital Collections"

Next leave "Metadata Search" highlighted and type in the search term "1898" and press the "Search" button

This should return a list in which the several portions of the 1898 NYSAG report are listed.

You'll want to select the one titled: Annual Report... for the Year 1898, V2. Registers of the 1st, 15th, 50th Engineers and 1st Batt. of Sharpshooters - VP4

VP4 contains the First Battalion Sharpshooter information. When you select the title, it will open a separate window to display the pdf data (which is images of the pages). I was able to save the file from that window. I hope you can too.

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