Saturday, July 19, 2008

1863-1864 Winter Camp Sharpshooters

In "No Word of Them" the Stearns diary notes that the winter 1863/4 encampment was 1 mile NW of Culpepper [sic] Virginia. He further notes in several places that he can see the snow on the Blueridge from time to time. The first photo was taken on a side road off Sperryville highway at a location where the mountains could just be seen in the distance. I guessed this was the approximate encampment for the sharpshooters.

Later two drawings were discovered made by sharpshooter Private George Lawrence confirming the general location of my photo, although I would guess the sharpshooters were more toward the right hand side of the image. The picture below is of an overall sketch Lawrence made showing their nearness to "Rebeldom."